Antionette Marie Edmonds, known as Toni to her colleagues is truly the definition of "The Girl Next Door;" however, she likes to think of herself as the "The Therapist Next Door." This aligns her with her free spirit, humor and personable personality. Antionette lives by her own personal philosophy, "If you aren't happy with the life that you have, you have the power to create the life that you want."  She feels that her ultimate purpose in life is to assist others in self-realization, and authenticity. Her inspiration lies in helping millennials live authentic lives and being authentically connected to relationships around them. Granted with the opportunity to help others through counseling, and coaching, she is also passionate and advocate for multicultural issues, diversity and destroying the stigma of Mental Health in low socioeconomic and minority communities. Furthermore, Antionette discovered her unique passion for helping teen parents. Like many, Antionette was raised by her teenage mother and father. She soon discovered that there are many preventive programs for teenage pregnancy but not enough mental health services to assist parenting teens with services such as parent coaching, counseling and linking them to community resources. If you are a parent of parenting teens and would like additional information please click here. 

Let's face it. Finding a therapist can be a daunting task. You are probably asking yourself "How will I know which one is the right fit?" Having a great trust relationship with your therapist is important. That's why building a great therapeutic alliance is my number one priority.  

I specialize in working with adolescents and adults. As a full-time counselor, I provide a unique approach that is both authentic and encouraging in nature. I work best with clients that are open-minded and adaptable as well as introspective. Having a sense of humor plays an essential role in developing the rapport I have with my clients. Once that is established, I make sure to carefully listen to each individual's unique story, assist in planning ahead for challenges, channel strengths, as we collaboratively track progress together.

  • If someone were to ask me to describe myself using three words, I would say that I am "Reliable, Relatable, & Resourceful." Attending therapy is a big commitment in itself. Moreover, like any other services that you would receive, I believe being both dependable and responsible is what"good" customer service is all about. Working with me, I will diligently follow through on commitments and demonstrate good ethical behaviors.          

  • My therapeutic style is both warm and direct, allowing for a supportive yet challenging environment in therapy.  You aren't coming to treatment to feel judged, but you also don't want to be as someone who has it all together. If this sounds like you, I might be the right fit for you. 

  • I am a Millennial. Now, you may be thinking "she's young, what does she know about life." That's a fair question to ask yourself. You may also find a dozen therapist in the South Florida area with more experience then I do and who has been practicing for years. That may also be true. However, I not only have a solid background of experience, but I am also relatable. If you would like to work with a therapist who understands the challenges you may face as an emerging adult, I might be right for you. 

  • My experience is multifaceted.  I have worked in many different work settings, the most recent is an addiction treatment center, providing intensive therapy to recovering addicts and their families. 

  • I am a human being first. Therapists are not perfect people, nor do we have it all together. I too enjoy doing the fun things in life. During my downtime, you may find me at a Zumba class because I love to dance; I am also a Youtuber, you can check me out on antionette__thegirl__nextdoor, and I also enjoy spending some quality time with my partner. 


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