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Single Session Therapy

Is Single Session Therapy is suitable for you?

Are you traveling to South Florida for business or fun? Are you always on-the-go? Maybe you're skeptical about this entire therapy thing.  Single Session Therapy may be what you need. I know you may be wondering, how can one session help me? What can I really accomplish in just one session? A LOT! We live in a society that is at a fast pace. Having been proven highly effective, Single Session Therapy is unique and may not be suitable for everyone. One session is agreed upon between the therapist and client to be considered a complete treatment. Typically a session can last between 1-2 hours.


What makes this type of treatment unique is because it is non-traditional psychotherapy and fitting for most millennials.  Antionette uses this method to focus on each client's resources, strengths, and solutions which are present in the here and now of their lives. Instead of providing diagnosis, Antionette uses suggestions and assist the client in making achievable goals. If you want to achieve change, develop new skills or do better at something then Single Session Therapy can help.


Issues that are best suitable for Single Session Therapy are decision making, life transitions, relationship conflicts and more. Single Session Therapy is not recommended for chronic mental health problems. Antionette has an open door policy; therefore, she will follow-up and if at the end of the session the client decides if another session (more) is needed.