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About OrdinaryGirl

OrdinaryGirl is an online apparel line brand that was founded by Dr. Antionette Edmonds in March 2021. Our brand focuses on women by offering unique items such as Loungewear, Slippers, Candles, Croc Charms, and other beauty accessories that make our esteemed customers feel good and beautiful and appreciate themselves. Our goal is to offer trending items such as everyday T-shirts and accessories for the confident and stylish woman at pocket-friendly rates that fits every client. There is literally something for everyone. Our boutique focuses on all women regardless of financial and social status and ensures they fully satisfy themselves through our brand including increasing self-love and confidence. We are passionate about bringing happiness, spicing up customers' lives, boosting self-esteem, and improving their quality of life from day to day. Every single product brings inspirational meaning and that’s why we say “ You aren’t just buying a cloth or a candle, you’re purchasing a tool that will improve your mood, and therefore it will impact your everyday life positively”.

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